Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Local TRU Display

I was out yesterday running some errands and decided to check out my local Toys R Us.  This was my first visit in quite some time since my friend "M" and I have both managed to secure ourselves the Hasbro MP Soundwave and MP Acid Storm (but I'll talk about those two aquisitions when they arrive in the near future).  Let me tell you, the amount of gas, time and frustration that I'm saving myself is like a breath of fresh air. 

I hate you with a passion TRU and here is a picture to prove it :

What a piece of sh^t display. F U TRU !
I would rather lie down and have a moose stand over me while dropping pound after pound of hot steaming, berry-laden dung all over my chest than do what I was doing previously; driving to TRU every day in hopes of snagging a MP Soundwave, or at least some figure that isn't f'n Beast Hunters or KREO.  Why do you try and sell us junk Hasbro? Why do you spit in the face of your buyers and think we are stupid enough to want to buy all of this sh%t!  Oh, and wait until Michael Bay puts out these next movies....can't wait to see what misshapen figures he sends our way....maybe some more triangle shapped jets, or robots with so much kibble they should be in a bag of Purina dog food.  If there weren't security cameras I would piss all over this display!

Anyone else have a crap display like this? Send me a pic and I'll post it.

- angry canadian decepticon -

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