Saturday, February 21, 2015

Transformers & Beer Podcast #10 - "Transformerland & Gold Euro Classics"

  •  Celebrating 10 episodes while drinking Rolling Rock & Kilkenny Cream Ale
  • What’s new and non-TF related in our lives
  • “M” visits the Silver Snail Comic Store in Toronto
  • “M” playing GTA 5 on Playstation 4
  • Joe up to his elbows with renos on the house
  • Joe still finds time to pull all of his game systems and games up out of the basement
  • Joe contemplates getting another TF shelf
  • Joe thinking of getting some game system emulators
  • “M” gets nailed with 3 Transformer packages arriving same day
  • Our thoughts on the ongoing Transformerland sale of a recently failed eBay auction due to a high reserve
  • Does having a Transformer autographed by an individual devalue it?
  • Our thoughts on an eBay Transformers G1 Gold Euro Classics Complete Collection auction #371245324013 from (Oct 26, 2013 on TFSource Blog “Collector Interview 18 – Erwin W”)
  • Go-Bots talk about possible movie and our thoughts on the toy line
  • A quick comparison of Go-Bot to Transformer equivalent characters

Keep on collecting!

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