Friday, February 13, 2015

Transformers & Beer Podcast #8 - "Jr. Headmasters & Completing Loose Figures"

  • New acqusitions from “M” 
  • Jr Headmasters ( Collector 75 YouTube review)
  • G1 Decepticon Squeezeplay 
  • G1 Decepticon Fangry 
  • Our thoughts on the Headmasters 
  • The evolution of our collecting 
  • “M” gets a G1 Canadian Slag and the issue of finding a box and what one seller is asking for it 
  • The issues of trying to complete loose figures 
  • KO “Ghost” Optimus Prime variant 
  • Joe’s worst K.O. Transformer purchase 
  • Stupid Bot Shots and who tricked who into buying some of them 
  • Our love for WST’s
Keep on collecting!

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