Saturday, February 28, 2015

Transformers & Beer Podcast #11 - Customizations and Masterpieces We Need?

  • What's new in our lives non-TF-related with Joe looking on eBay for some specific 8-bit NES games and "M" busy with work and getting over being sick
  • How purchasing video games has taken on the same buying issues as Transformers
  • M" has a Galvatron story and tries his first customization job
  • Customized figures on eBay
  • 30th Anniversary Voltron Collectors Edition that "M" is considering buying
  • Dinosauro Robo (KO Slag)
  • "M's" latest acquisition #1 Triceratops Dinosaur Robo (eBay # 301517152970 )
  • Transformers collection found on Storage Wars
  • Our thoughts on ToyWorld Evila Star (Astrotrain)
  • Next Toys R Us Exclusive MP Figure Is Starscream....and do we need it?
Keep on collecting!

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