Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Robot Coffee Points VIII

Here's a piece that's relevant to me since I have a son just about to turn two, and while he is a few years away from asking questions like this I'm sure it will come at some point.

SOUNDWAVE : "Wet foot, dry foot, high foot, low foot.   THE END"
FRENZY : "Daddy, can you tell me what music was like when you were younger?"

SOUNDWAVE : "Hmmmm…. now that I think about it, I think I can do better than tell you."

SOUNDWAVE : "Ah ha!  Found them! Take a look at these things son!"

SOUNDWAVE : "Way back before there were cassette players, the humans used to listen to music on big things like these.  These are called records!"

FRENZY : "Wow Daddy!  There so big!  Does that mean bigger is better?"
SOUNDWAVE : "No son.  I always told you mom it was how you used it that really matters."

SOUNDWAVE : " Then, the humans switched to a portable device for listening to music 
called a Walkman."

SOUNWAVE : "They would walk around like idiots with these silly things over their heads"
FRENZY : "Help, I'm all tangled up!"

SOUNWAVE : "Someday son, maybe you'll record your own music and be a big star"

SOUNDWAVE : "Which one would you like to listen to son?"
FRENZY : "No, play me daddy! Play ME!"

SOUNDWAVE : "That's enough for tonight son.  Get some sleep or you'll be tired for tomorrow's attack on the humans.  Sweet dreams. Daddy loves you!"
FRENZY : "I love you too daddy!"

SOUNDWAVE :   *sigh*  "Sometimes I miss the way things were done in the old days…."


  1. lovely post. Really appreciate all the effort that has gone into it and its such a good introduction to how music media has changed over the last decades.

    i'm sure your son would find it illuminating!

    1. Thanks for checking out this post HD~ Nice to hear from you again.

      The Sony walkman was actually my wife's since I don't know what happened to the ones I purchased. The records and cassettes are from my collection since I'm a collector of sorts. It is nice to see that records are making a comeback, but that is probably due to the music industry trying to find ways to bring in lost profits from illegal downloading.

      Also, I would not have been able to complete this post if I hadn't purchased the Hasbro MP Soundwave, since I won't be opening my Takara version.

      I also look forward to passing on my collection to my son when he gets old enough.