Friday, November 29, 2013

What's On Your Transformer Shelf?

I was over at my friend "M's" house today and he brought me to his office to show off what he had on his shelves at the moment.  You will have to excuse the quality of the photography as since this was impromptu I had to use my phone.  He is still in the process of looking for some locking glass display cabinets so he only has the one shelf for now…but what he has on it is still pretty sweet.

I normally like to include as much relevant info as I can when I do my posts, but there are
just too many different figures in this post for me to finish this in any kind of reasonable time.

So for this post I will just let the pics speak for themselves.

Starting from the top down.

BACK ROW: Canadian G1 Megatron, Canadian G1 Optimus Prime
FRONT ROW : G1 Megatron, G1 Sharkticon, G1 Tracks, G2 Optimus Prime, Go-Bot Bug Bite, G1 Ravage, G1 Ramhorn, KO Diaclone Rumble

G1 Sharkticon

G2 Optimus Prime 
He already has a MISB Optimus but he wanted a loose one for display.

Canadian G1 Optimus Prime, Bug-Bite, G1 Ravage, G1 Ramhorn, KO Diaclone Rumble

G1 Ramhorn, KO Diaclone Rumble
"M" actually brought to my attention that a seller has two of these KO's right now for sale but I'm going to pass for the time being and take a little break from buying KO's.

G1 Ravage

G1 Tracks, G2 Optimus Prime, G1 Canadian Optimus Prime

G1 Megatron (loose),  Boxed G1 Canadian Megatron

KO Devastator, KO Browning, Cassette Man

KO Browning
I've done two previous reviews on different KO Brownings;

These individual figures look to be exactly the same as these ones I have :

Autobot Grapple, Red Alert, Mini KO Fort Max, Red Cross Variant Ratchet, G1 Tantrum, Silverstreak

Here's a piece I did on this Red Cross Variant Ratchet.

Canadian G1 Ironhide, Prehistory Animal, Autobot Prowl

Thanks to my friend "M" for letting me show his pieces on display!

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  1. Your friend has a very nice collection! There are some great pieces there!