Tuesday, February 11, 2014

IDW Transformers - More Than Meets The Eye #25 & #26

I just can't get enough of this series.  I held off reading for a little bit because just reading one issue at a time is, is well, basically just a tease.......even if I read it REALLY slow.

Not a big fan of Nova Prime.  Even though he does pre-date Optimus Prime (or Orion Pax since he took back his original name is this run), I just don't like characters that look like or take over for Optimus.....a shrink might say this issue could be traced back to the '84 movie.....sorry Hot Rod (though these comics have made him grow on me quite a bit.)
So I saved up two issues which made a sit down read a lot more enjoyable....still wasn't enough, but it will have to do.
I don't wan't to spoil too much in these issues, but rather give a tease, and a nudge to those that have yet to read these runs yet.

A brief update of what has been happening the past issues.

Just a usual day in the office when you have to flew into Metroplex's eye socket.....elsewhere a ecro Titan is having some fun.

Nova Prime

This is why we can't have nice things on Cybertron.

Metroplex on!

What happens when two "Primes" collide?
Thanks to IDW and this whole team of fantastic artists and writers who have helped to revitalize the TF franchise for me.


  1. This crossover is hit and miss for me. The most interesting parts are, not surprisingly, the ones written by Roberts. The art hasn't been as strong as I've gotten used to. Raiz's art, while great, is a bad fit for the style that is More Than Meets the Eye.

    1. I'd agree that the most interesting parts are the ones written by Roberts - they are supposed to have wrote each issue jointly, but it's pretty obvious which parts are written by who when you read it.

      I tend to disagree with your assessment of Raiz's art. I think it is a good alternative to the extremely high standards that Milne has set on the series. It's a different flavour, but I don't think its a bad fit.

    2. It's like going from Jim Lee X-Men to Andy Kubert X-Men.

  2. I haven't been too impressed with Dark Cybertron, but I like both comics separately. RID I found interesting because the war was over and they were trying to get back to real life. It was a new angle on it that hadn't really been explored before. But now that that's gone with the crossover, I might not enjoy that comic as much anymore

    1. RID was good in it's own way for sure. You're right that it was a different angle taken from what we were accustomed to have been reading. For myself, I'm not a big fan on politics and it was just a bit too much overload for me on it. I can take it for a bit, but I need to have more action that what I was being given.

      Don't get me wrong. I have read all of the issues since it is still one of the best sources for new TF entertainment out there. FU Michael Bay.

    2. i think RiD had a lot of potential and still do - I mean, seriously, there is the WHOLE of Cybertron to explore. So much potential - could talk about Kaon, the Torus States, Polyhex, Tarn, Vos, Darkmount, etc etc etc.

      But did Barber do any of that? No. All that potential wasted. In you, in fact, it took Roberts to talk about the modern version of a Smelting Pool and that was not even set on Cybertron.

      Seriously, RiD needs to either step-up or step-aside.

      So much potential, so many A-list characters just wasted.