Monday, February 10, 2014

Prehistory & Ancient Animal Group Shots - Part 4

Here are the final pics of my four part Ancient & Prehistory Animal postings that I did recently. This is just meant to be a quick "go through" to show how nice these guys look together...even more so if this was the complete set of both.

L-R : Prehistory Tyuannosaurus & Triceratops, Ancient Animal Tyuannosaurus & Stegosaurus

Here's some quick links for my previous posts if you haven't checked them out yet :

Prehistory Animal vs Ancient Animal #1 Tyuannosaurus - Part 1

Prehistory Animal #2 Triceratops - Part 2

Ancient Animal #4 Stegosaurus - Part 3

If you have checked these posts out already, just give these new pics a scan through.

I had meant to get these guys up sooner and then I got busy and forgot and since I have a new baby showing up in a few weeks I need to get caught up on a few things before I get really busy with more important things for a little bit.

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed these posts, and I have been able to show how great these guys actually are. Thanks again "M".


- angry canadian decepticon -

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