Friday, February 14, 2014

Six In One Construction Set (KO Devastator)

This was meant to have been posted WAY back when I had done my 4 part Devy run.....back in November. You can check out the other postings if you are new to my site below :

Making it's first appearance (click here) from an impromptu display shoot from "M's" house entitled "What's On Your Shelf?", this is a nice little KO piece from the Devy family.

"M's" now "old" display
Japanese 37 Devastator comparison

Closeup of the front box artwork.

Here is a comparison shot between the giftset vs the individual boxes.  Same colouring  and artwork.

Of course, both of the above were just KO's of this original version with the coloring and artwork.  Even the vertical black and white lines at the top of the box were taken and incorporated horizontally on the KO boxes.

Still.......a really nice, sharp picture of Devy.

A couple more boxes below to compare against the boxset with. 

Another favourite aspect of this set is that it comes with styrofoam as opposed to the plastic that another version is made with.

 (c) SentinelPrime09
All in all, this is one of the nicer KO Devy sets that you can get out there.  Mind you, there are so many that you are better off  doing a little bit of comparison research and just go for the few "quality" ones to save yourself any disappointment.

- angry canadian decepticon -


  1. Is it just me, or is the KO Devy's face chromed? It could be just me. I love the Diaclone stickers on them. I can't believe those got KO'd too.

  2. That would have been a nice touch, but no, it's only a paint application.

    The Diaclone stickers were a nice touch. I've been surprised at quite a number of KO's that I've in that there are certain ones that have gone that extra little bit to either try and make it as close to possible to the original or even improving upon original design/quality issues.

    Thanks for checking the posting out!