Monday, September 23, 2013


"Me Grimlock say, anytime Dinobots are here then must be good!" 
I don't know why but I always have to talk like that when the Dinobots are around...I guess it's to pay

homage to the 80's Transformers TV series...and it makes me smile.  

One change that I like best about this Monstrosity series is how it shows the Dinobots in a different light than those of the dimwitted ones on TV. Here, they are intelligent, brutal, and mercenary-like in how they are barely surviving from the spoils of heists they have to perform. Adding a new twist (not shown on a page here) is a hint at some new, terrifying alternate mode that they have to restrain inside themselves by fighting against their primal urges.  Who doesn't like to see the Dino's just let loose and become the virtually unstoppable fighting force that the Decepticons (and Autobots) fear.

F' this series is good!

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