Monday, January 6, 2014

Camera Robo MC-05 MICROX (c.1983) Micro Change Series (MIB)

Here's one more piece from "M's" collection.  I took this one at the same time I did the      MC-20 Micro Scope back in December and I finally had the time to put it out now.  This was a $199 "Buy It Now" purchase from eBay.  Again, as I've stated in the past, I only put out the prices to try and help people to calculate how much to pay for items.  I never say that I always pay the best prices because soemtimes you come across rare pieces or maybe its the final piece that you need to complete a portion of your collection so you end up paying more.  It is what it is.
So here is Camera Robo MC-05 MICROX.

Microx transformed from a camera to three robots, called Micro Winder, Micro Finder and
Micro Shutter. The Transformer version was only sold as mail-order exclusive and was called Reflector.  Reflector was simply repackage of Microx with some new stickers. The "MICROX" sticker was change to "REFLECTOR" and the sticker on Micro Winder chest and Micro Shutter pelvic were removed since they had Microman reference on them. (Tiny "MC" logo badge).   Those individual robots were called Spectro, Spy Glass and Viewfinder.  Reflector was sold only as special premium mail-away figure for the US Transformer in 1986. The missile launcher feature on the flash was remove from the Transformers version.

A fake version of the Microx was sold in the US in a english version of the original Microman box. It's often mistaken for Reflector or Microx, so be careful when you buy one.

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Micro Shutter, Micro Finder and Micro Winder; respectively.
The set comes with two gray missiles which can be combined with the flash to turn into a secret missile launcher.

Micro Shutter's Weapon
Micro Winder's Weapon
Micro Finder's Weapon

You can see in the bottom right of this shot it says Takara 1974, but that is just the copyright date for the Microman series

MC-05 Microx was released in 1983 as part of the early Micro Change Series.

The design of MC-05 was most likely came from the New Microman - Micro Robot Series from the previous years.
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Camera Robo MC-05 MICROX


Reflector (Mail-away, 1986/1987; wide release in Japan, 1985)

Reflector was first sold in Japan in 1985 as an ordinary retail item. However, Hasbro delayed selling him in the US until 1986, and only then via mail-order from a direct-mail flyer promoting The Transformers: The Movie. (This came just as the character was being fully phased out of the fiction.) The toy would be a common offering in pack-in flyers from then on, at a cost of $10 and two Robot Points.

Like other Microman Micro Robot, each Camera Robot came with distinctive head designs that gave them unique personality.

Micro Shutter (Transformers : Spectro)

Micro Finder (Transformers : Viewfinder)

Micro Winder (Transformers : Spyglass)

Each Camera Robo was construct much like the Micro Robot with some die-cast parts. The figure had very limited articulation. The transformation was very simple and involved just folding up the legs and arms and than attach them together to form MICROX.

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The "zoom lens" can be attach to Micro Finder gun to from a super gun.

Box art from the back.

MC-05 was the only "combiner" robot in the Micro Change line which combined into a camera instead of a bigger robot.

All in all, a very nice set to have in your collection!


  1. Crappy toy, but if I were to buy him this is the version I'd buy (or maybe the boxed JPN G1 version).

  2. Hi Colbey! Thanks for reading my post.

    This is not on my top ten list of Tf's I need to get but I think it definitely needs to be had in ones collection. I think it works as simple scout figures and it has a good alt-mode.

    That third party one done last year (year before?) where every single piece was used with no kibble left was well done too.

    I know as a combiner, it pales in excitement compared to the other gestalts out there but you have to take into account the line that this figure somes from.

    1. A fake version of the Microx was sold in the US in a english version of the original Microman box. would you have pictures?