Sunday, January 19, 2014

How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Money.....And Just Buy Masterpieces

I really should stop blaming the purchase of these pieces on Maz.....even though I do it jokingly.  In reality, I have no one to blame but myself.  It's taken me some time to come to terms with buying these guys.  I was certainly given enough time to think on this since I had to wait for Smokescreen to finally come in, that as well as with these items being preordered together.

Latest lot
In the end, I really had to decide whether or not I was ever going to grab what I thought
were the nicest figures (to me), because they certainly were not going to get any cheaper in the future.....that and with all of the knock-offs being made, I wanted to know for certain that what I was receiving was legit.

I have also decided that I will probably never get all the Masterpieces out there, for reasons such as cost; MP-1 Convoy, or frailty/oversized; MP-5 Megatron, or over-duplication of certain molds.

I do still have on preorder from TF Source MP-12G G2 Sideswipe, MP-13B Soundblaster w/ Ratbat, MP-20 Wheeljack, MP-21 Bumblebee, MP-08 Grimlock & MP-22 Ultra Magnus.............*sigh*.

Since three of these figures; Lambor, Tigertrack and Bluestreak have already been out for a bit, and there have been so many people who have done reviews and photos of them I thought I would just save myself the time and refer anyone who hasn't seen these guys, for some reason, to Maz's reviews on them.

Click HERE for MP-12 - Masterpiece Sideswipe - Lambor

Click HERE for MP-19 - Masterpiece Smokescreen

Click HERE for MP-12T - Masterpiece Tigertrack

Click HERE for MP-18 - Masterpiece Bluestreak

I have to admit that Takara is doing a really great job with these Masterpiece figures with a lot of thought going into not only the figures themselves but the packaging is what I believe to be the best in quite some time.

No regrets whatsoever in acquiring these MP cars.


  1. Are you keeping these MISB? They're just awesome to pose. Are you going to get the Seekers as well?

  2. Nice to hear from you Optimal.

    I think for the time being I will be keeping them MISB. I never really buy TF's with the hopes of making a profit on them since I mainly buy for me and not to sell. I guess with that thinking I could probably open them eventually, but I really like to keep my things as mint as possible which definitely means that I loose out on REALLY enjoying them as much as I could……that, or I spend more and buy some loose ones.

    I've always been like this, even as a kid, though I don't consider this a bad thing.

    Another reason for not opening them now is that I don't have anything on display since we are expecting our second child very soon, so I gave up my office so my son could have a new room and so we could use his nursery for the new arrival. We still have another spare bedroom but I didn't want to take that over as my office for when we have people sleep over. I have a look computer nook where my desk is now but it is beside a big window and I never display my figures near sunlight so all my stuff is stored away all over my house currently…..I've probably forgotten where I hid a few figures as well.

    The only Seekers I have in Masterpiece are the latest Takara Starscream, and the Hasbro Thundercracker and Acid Storm.

    Thanks for checking the blog out.


  3. I keep going back and forth over whether to buy Tigertrack or not. Hmm...

    1. I bought Tigertrack for the stupidest reason imaginable - because the KO was going to be released, so if I don't get it, I'd have to sift through a sea of shit to find the genuine one should i decide to buy it later.