Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Transformers Year In Review's 2:08am right now and I'm sure that by the time I finish this post it's going to be much later than that.  I haven't done a post for 10 days now but thats just due to the time of the year.....doesn't mean that it hasn't bothered me not writing one up though.

It's really early in the morning and I was just watching the latest post from the AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) who was not only updating everyone on the status of his movie production, but on how his whole year has been.....and lets face it...this is the time of the year that we ALL think back on what we have done this year.  I'm not going to get into details on my personal life because that's not what this blog is about, but obviously I will go back on what happened Transformers-wise… least in my little world anyway.

So here it Transformers Year In Review.

ANGRY CANADIAN DECEPTICON........Quite obvious since that is how you are reading this.  While not something mind-blowing, I'm pretty proud of this since it was something that I had been thinking about for a long time and I finally pulled the trigger on doing it.  I made a promise that I would try and do as in-depth reviews/backgrounds in my posts as I could.  I'll be the first to admit it that I don't know everything (I'm not Maz) about Transformers.  Never have, never will, don't want to.  I'm afraid if it ever comes to that point, this hobby/passion of mine will loose its "magic" to me just due to information overload.  Hopefully, because I really do try, my posts come across looking like some effort has been put into them because I put hours into doing each of them, either with the photography (which is getting better), or through the hours I spend trying to find obscure/interesting information on the figures.

Fifty-six.  The number of posts I've done in the 5 months that I've been doing this blog.  Feels like a lot more and not enough all at the same time.

C-310E e-Hobby Exclusive Fire Guts GodGinrai

Four. The number of members I have.  Hell, that's four more members that I thought I would ever get. I do talk to other people that have not become members though and I appreciate them just as much.  I've never had anyone follow me before, but I would just like to say thank-you very much to the "Fantastic Four" for becoming my first far as I'm concerned these guys are a lot better than the movie/comic characters with the same name.  If you haven't done so, please check out the sites I follow as these guys put out some really good posts.

Robot Coffee Points VIII

$1501.81  The amount of money MAZ "made me" spend just on Masterpiece figures this year after he wrote this article.  I have not had any direct correspondence with him, but for those of you that know him, maybe you could let him know about article and let him know that I say thanks! *sarcasm*.  Seriously though, I have read every one of his postings and enjoy them immensely.....maybe a little too much as you can see.

Masterpiece Acid Storm

50+.  The number of Transformers comics that I have read in the past two months. I did a small post back in November on The Transformers Continuum referring to the suggested order of reading the comic series so I gave it a try even though I had already read a number of the issues.  I would suggest you giving this a go as it gave the reading a nice flow and made quite a number of things clearer to me that I had just plain missed.  More Than Meets The Eye itself is one of the best comic reads I have done in a long time.
G2 UK Constructicons

96.  The number of Transformers I bought in 2013 as follows:

Transformers Collection #0 Optimus Prime
Transformers Collection #2 Prowl
Transformers Collection #3 Skids
Transformers Collection #4 Tracks
Transformers Collection #5 Smokescreen
Transformers Collection #8 Inferno
Transformers Collection #9 Starscream
Reissue Piranacon
Takara Reissue Fort Max
Takara 16 Special Megatron
e-Hobby Shattered Glass Soundwave / Blaster
e-Hobby Insecticons (Clone Army)
Takara 2004 Predaking
RID Ruination (Complete Carded Set)
Ruination (Gift set) Walmart Exclusive (Grey Camo)
WST Takara Series 2 Silverstreak (Chase)
WST Takara Series 2 Ultra Magnus (Chase)
WST Takara Series 2 Optimus Prime (x 5) (Blue window)
WST Takara Series 2 Box
WST Takara Bumblebee
WST Takara Starscream
WST Takara soundwave w/ Ravage
WST Takara Series 2 Thrust (x 3)
WST Takara Series 2 Prowl
WST Takara Megatron (Red Variant) (x2)
JustiToys G2 Flamethrower (Slag) TFCon Toronto Exclusive
JustiToys Military Operation Commander (Exclusive 2010 Grey Version Lmt 500 pieces)
JustiToys Twincast
JustiToys Ultimate Fire (Greatshot) Ltd 500 pieces
WST Heero Toys Ultra Magnus w/ Trailer (Red)
WST Heero Toys Shining Ultra Magnus
WST Heero Toys G1 Optimus Prime BOTCON Version
WST Heero Toys G1 BAPE X Optimus Prime convoy w/ Box
WST Heero Toys  Ghost Black Starscream
WST Heero Toys Stepper (DIY)
WST Heero Toys  Stepper w/ Target Master
WST Heero Toys Cliffjumper (red)
WST Heero Toys Cliffjumper (Yellow)
WST Heero Toys G1 Tigertrack
Generations FOC Sandstorm
Generations FOC Autobot Springer
G2 Megatron
G2 Megatron (MISB)
Transformers Universe 25 Anniversary TRU Exclusive Insecticons Comm. Edition
Transformers Universe Ruination Walmart Exclusive (Desert Camo)
Hasbro G1 Metroplex
G1 Yellow Windcharger (Argentina)
G1 Reissue Astrotrain (TRU) (White)
G2 Bonecrusher (UK Yellow w/ Grey Parts)
G2 Scavenger (UK Yellow w/ Grey Parts)
G2 Scrapper (UK Yellow w/ Grey Parts)
G2 Hook (UK Yellow w/ Grey Parts)
G2 Long Haul (UK Yellow w/ Grey Parts)
G2 Mixmaster (UK Yellow w/ Grey Parts)
G2 Green Slag (GIG Version)
Commemorative Series V Autobot Tracks
Commemorative Series V Autobot Hoist
Commemorative Series V Inferno
Commemorative Series VI Autobot Grapple
Commemorative Series IX Riccochet w/ Nightstick
Commemorative G1 Soundwave w/ Ravage & Laserbeak
Commemorative Ultra Magnus
Collectors Edition Thundercracker (Super Festival 21 Exclusive) Ltd 1000 pieces
Collectors Edition Skywarp  (Super Festival 21 Exclusive) Ltd 1000 pieces
Masterpiece Hasbro Soundwave w/ 5 cassettes
Masterpiece Hasbro Acid Storm
Masterpiece Takara Soundwave w/ Coin
Masterpiece Takara Ravage & Rumble w/ Coins
Masterpiece Takara Buzzsaw & Frenzy w/ Coins
Henkei Rodimus
FOC Soundwave
FOC Soundblaster
FOC Frenzy & Ratbat
FOC Ravage & Decepticon Rumble
Kingtoys (Set A) Mini Decepticon Seekers Case of 6 (Starscream, Dirge, Thundercracker, Sunstorm, Thrust,Ramjet)
Kingtoys (Set B) Mini Decepticon Seekers Case of 6 (Ghost Starscream, Black Starscream, Ghost Ramjet, Skywarp, Ghost Dirge, Ghost Thrust)
Gobots Puzzler
KO Robotic AM Radio TS-558 1984 Tai Fong
KO G1 Downsized Devastator Colour Variant
KO Diaclone G1 Bliztwing
KO Brownings
KO Browning M-1910 (Blue Version)
KO Browning M-1910 (Red Version Limited 100 pieces)
Kabaya Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber, Roadfire

G2 Orange Constructicons (MOSC)

It's funny.  As I sit back in my chair and think back on all of this now, it still doesn't feel like I've done a lot.  The last three months have been fairly busy with trying to get this blog out, along with the usual end of the year things that probably everyone goes through, but overall, 2013 just left me feeling a bit unaccomplished…..I'm fairly critical though of myself.

Goals for 2014. 

  • Focus the contents of my collection line even more
  • Spending needs to be even more targeted.  I do most of my buying through eBay but I'm getting tired of the wasted money that's going into shipping costs, especially with this new Global Shipping Program.  I'm just starting to refuse buying from these sellers that are in this program because it's just a money grab from eBay. 
  • Start a Facebook page for the ACD blog.
  • Continue with the amount of monthly blogs I've been putting out
  • Make some more contacts within our TF community
  • Improve on my TF photography
That's enough…..especially since I have a new baby coming in March which I'm sure is going to throw a kink into a few things but it will be well worth it.

In the end, I don't want to come across as sappy because that's not what the Angry Canadian Decepticon should sound like, but I just wanted to say thank-you to everyone who has been coming across this site and taking the time to read/follow me.  Like I said earlier, I wasn't sure what to really expect when I started this, other than giving me a place to express how much I like Transformers, but I have pleasantly surprised to say the least so far.

All the best to you guys, and I'm sure that with the new year, everyone is wanting to start it off with a bang so I'm looking forward to reading everyone's deluge of posts in the next few months.



  1. Nice appraisal! I've enjoyed reading your posts, looking forward to what you have planned for 2014. How are you going to focus your collection then?

    1. Hi Joe,

      I'm glad that you are enjoy reading what I put out there. I really do appreciate it. Like I mentioned in my post, I was never really sure what to expect or if anyone would really get into anything I wrote so this is definitely good motivation for me.

      I'm not going to get into it in detail right now because I will be doing a post on it, but I will say that while currently I'm not into that many lines, I may either drop one, or depending on some research I do I may be adding another line.


  2. hey Joe,

    Happy new year!

    Welcome to the blogging world once again. I'm sure you will have lots of fun. Your blog has certainly been one that I visit on a regular basis.

    Maz seems to be affecting collecting trends worldwide and he seems set to continue to do so this year, haha.

    ~ HD

    1. Happy New Year as well HD!

      Thank you for the comment on my blog. You have obviously been doing this for a lot longer than I have so it is definitely a compliment to me hearing that.

      As much as I like to read Maz's posts, I may have to stop from doing so this year just to try and save some money…..who am I kidding, that's not going to happen.


    2. I love discovering new blogs and I did like your earlier Soundwave post. A problem I face is that because I read so many blogs, I sometimes fail to leave a comment, not because I have not read it, but because I am too quick to move on to the next blog.

      i will have to make sure I take things slow this year.

      For Maz's posts, I sometimes get a preview before it goes up and sometimes there is some discussion on the topics etc. But yeah, I told him he creates global buying trends. Maybe this year he might actually start believing me... heh

  3. Happy New Year, man! This is quite a wrap up! You have had quite a year! 96 figures in a year is quite a haul! I bow before your acquisition skills. I've really enjoyed your blog since I discovered it, and look forward to seeing more from you. As far as Maz goes, I have to make sure I'm in a good place before I read his blog, or else I find myself searching for whatever he's talking about.

    1. Happy New Year to you as well Optimal!

      The number of figures may be somewhat high but they weren't all really expensive so it sort of balances itself out. I still spent a lot in total though so that part was kind of sickening. If I were to have done anything differently, it may have been to focus on actually completing a specific line instead of jumping all over the place.

      I'm glad that you enjoy racing my posts. The feeling is mutual as I really enjoy your site too! Keep up the good work as well!


  4. Hi Joe,

    Happy New Year, what an excellent blog you have! Heroic Decepticon pointed me in this direction! If that's true about influencing buying habits, I'll see what I can do about posting non-stop articles about my Alternators artwork, maybe I can finally sell it ;)

    Congratulations on an excellent year's worth of purchases and collection building! Do you have Twitter so I can follow you there?

    Thank you once more for the very kind words.

    All the best

    1. Happy New Year Maz!

      As a fan of your blog I have to say thank you very much for the compliment! It's a gradual work in progress, though I try to constantly improve it based upon the work of my peers in our collecting world.

      No twitter yet, though I have decided to add it to my to-do-list……it's right there under all the stuff on my wife's to-do-list that she gave me.

      Thanks again for even checking my site out and as always, I look forward to the con tuned reading of your posts…..just stop making me spend more money!


  5. I'm a relative new comer to your blog (thank Optimal Omega for that), but I like what I've read. You certainly picked up some very nice TFs in 2013 and your goals for the new year seem reasonable. I've since added your blog to my sidebar blogroll and will make sure I'm checking in regularly moving forward. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Colbey. I really enjoy your blog as well. I appreciate you adding me to you side blogroll. I think that there is a good group of us out there that are seem to be promoting each other which is really nice to see.

      Keep up the good posting and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to show us this year.


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